Next DLNET Chat: Towards a hybrid engagement offer

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Lisa Peter

Join us on Friday 4th June, 1-2pm, to talk about balancing physical and digital engagement using the hashtag #DLNETChat

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After some cultural heritage organisations have been able to reopen to visitors in all the UK nations, learning and engagement teams are now faced with trying to work out whether and how to continue their digital work alongside the return to some face-to-face engagement.

Together as a sector we have learned so much about digital content and online delivery in the last year, tried things out, evaluated and collected valuable experiences and learning, and got to understand digital audiences old and new better than before, and now? What are your thoughts on what a ‘hybrid’ offer could look like? Is it even something to be aspired to in the first place? Join us on Twitter on June 4 to talk about how digital and physical could be balanced in the time to come.

  • What are the expectations of organisations going forward? Go back to previous engagement formats (in a Covid-safe way) AND continue digital work, or is it a question of ‘either/or’, or a Salomonian ‘a bit of both’? 
  • What any data or insights do you rely on to ensure you are listening to your audiences’ needs?
  • How do you allocate sparse resources: What to keep doing, what to stop?
  • How do you address unbalanced strategies so that both onsite and online engagement are seen as business as usual? 
  • How have team dynamics shifted with the move online? Will they have to shift again now?

Watch out for the pre-chat poll on the DLNET twitter account next Wednesday, along with emails to the JISCMAIL lists. Join in with the voting to kick off June’s DLNET Chat, and share your views and experiences!

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