Next DLNET Chat: Tool Time – Padlet and other collaborative tools

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Sian Shaw

Join us on Friday 1st April, 1-2pm, to discuss Padlet and other collaboration tools using the hashtag #DLNETChat

DLNET Chat’s first ever “tool time” will be an opportunity to learn from others and share your own experiences about specific websites or apps that can be used with audiences and colleagues. 

This time we are focusing on Padlet and other collaborative tools. Whether you are currently juggling the best ways to work with colleagues as hybrid working becomes the norm or are looking for engaging ways to keep those online-only projects thriving, the DLNET community is here to help. We may have scheduled this DLNET Chat on April Fool’s Day, but it’s no joke that collaboration is more than ever essential to the way we work.

Join us on Twitter on Friday 1st April, 1-2pm!

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