Next DLNET Chat: Digital learning for families

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Sian Shaw

Join us on Friday 2nd July, 1-2pm, to discuss when and how to incorporate digital into family learning using the hashtag #DLNETChat

With the summer holidays fast approaching and many cultural heritage organisations open for onsite visits, now is the perfect time to talk about digital learning for families. For many organisations, digital has been the only way to keep in touch with their family audiences over the last year and it has been a way to widen the reach to families who may not be able to attend in person, due to geographical, financial or accessibility barriers. As a sector, what have we learnt in the last year and what are your plans moving forward?  

We are delighted that this DLNET chat will be run with guest contributors from the Families in Museum Network (FiMN).

Whatever level of experience you have working with families, we’d love to hear your thoughts about the role digital has to play. Do you think digital has a place onsite? How do you balance digital engagement with families wanting “a break from screens”? Has the pandemic changed the way you think about digital and family learning?

Join us on Twitter on Friday 2nd July to talk about the future of digital and family learning. Watch out for the pre-chat poll on the DLNET twitter account next Wednesday, along with emails to the JISCMAIL lists. Join in with the voting to kick off June’s DLNET Chat, and share your views and experiences!

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