Next DLNET Chat: Common Barriers, Creative Solutions

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Sian Shaw

Join us on Friday 1st October, 1-2pm, to discuss the common barriers you experience while working in digital learning and how you solve them creatively, using the hashtag #DLNETChat

This month, DLNET is focussing on the everyday realities of digital learning. We all face common barriers, whether that is money, time or the opportunity to upskill, and because there is no magic wand, we all have to find creative ways to solve those problems. However hard it can seem, it’s important to remember that we are not alone and that’s where DLNET comes in.

Ahead of our virtual conference on this topic on 14th October 2021 (book your free tickets now on the DLNET Eventbrite page), we thought we’d get the ball rolling in our monthly Twitter chat.

Whatever level of experience you have working in digital learning, we’d love to hear your thoughts about the common barriers. Some of them you might have overcome and some of them you might still be looking for solutions. Have these barriers changed during the pandemic? Are you looking at things differently now?

Join us on Twitter on Friday 1st October to talk about common barriers and creative solutions. Watch out for the pre-chat poll on the DLNET twitter account next Wednesday, along with emails to the JISCMAIL lists. Join in with the voting to kick off October’s DLNET Chat, and share your views and experiences!

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