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Martin Bazley

Hi and welcome to the January blog post for DLNET

 We have been busy over the last few months, including reviewing the membership structure and planning the next event.   We are also planning to try out regular monthly ‘surgeries’.   Please let us know what you think.


 Next event:  Formal Digital Learning Resources in Gallery, Online and in the Classroom 4 April 2014 at Museum of London

 This one day event will feature:

 • What Teachers Want: A session with primary and secondary school teachers

 • Case studies of best practice in Formal Digital Learning Resources, including:
From inception to delivery: Museum of London web resources for teachers and students by Ally Davies – Online Learning Manager, Museum of London

 The full programme will be available shortly at www.digitallearningnetwork.net


 New: Monthly surgeries

As a new way of helping people benefit from sharing of ideas and best practice, we are planning to host a surgery every month.  Initially at least we will hold surgeries during lunch break to make it easy for people to take part.  

 The first surgery will be Twitter-based, in February.  The focus is likely to be based on our February blog post ‘Crowdsourcing the Museum’.

 If you have a question or suggestion for a topic you would like addressed, tweet us @DLNET or email info@digitallearningnetwork.net

 We are intending to try out various ways of hosting the surgeries, including

 Please let us know whether you like the regular surgeries idea, and if you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you.  


New membership structure

We have reviewed our membership to improve our offer.  Here are the ways you can become a member of DLNET:  


Subscriber (FREE)

To be a subscriber to DLNET simply follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or join our Email discussion lists. You will be able to:

  • Participate in discussions through the email list or social media
  • Raise topics for discussion
  • Participate in DLNET research


Individual Member (FREE)

Register with us for your FREE individual membership today, and as well as having the same benefits as Subscribers you will also be able to:

  • Get discounts on fees for DLNET events
  • Attend the AGM
  • Propose and second resolutions at the AGM
  • Stand for election as an Officer or Committee Member
  • Vote on DLNET business

Individual Membership is renewable annually.


Organisational Member

Organisations can become members of the network, and will receive the same privileges as Individual members, plus:

  • Nominate up to four representatives from their organisation as members of DLNET
  • Have free attendance for one delegate at a fee paying event each year

Organisational Membership costs just £40 per year and is renewable annually


(The above is taken from our Membership page at www.digitallearningnetwork.net/membership/)


Ways to stay in touch with DLNET

As well as our website at www.digitallearningnetwork.net we are on Facebook

www.facebook.com/DigitalLearningNetwork and Twitter twitter.com/DLNET

 Please let us know what you are up to.  We always welcome suggestions on how we could do more to support you in digital learning.       


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