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Sian Shaw

Interested in digital learning?

Enthusiastic about connecting and sharing with museum, heritage and archive colleagues?

Keen to give back to the sector?

We’re looking for you!

2020 has been a year like no other in so many ways. When thinking about finding silver linings, it has been amazing to see how much digital learning has progressed since March. From small organisations to nationals, from one-man bands to full digital teams, we’ve seen some fantastic work being done all across the UK by sector colleagues. Never has it been so important to support and praise each other for all the hard work.

The Digital Learning Network (DLNET), run by a small, voluntary committee, has always strived to share ideas and good practice in using digital technology to support learning in the cultural heritage sector. As you might imagine, the committee members of the DLNET have been rushed off their feet in their day jobs as the demand for digital learning soared (and continues to soar). We’ve had to say goodbye to a few wonderful committee members who are no longer able to give up their time, which means we are now putting out a call for new committee members.

As a committee, we want to better represent our colleagues working on digital learning, from those who are new to digital learning to those who specialise in digital. We want fresh eyes and minds joining in the conversations to make sure we give back to the sector in the best way we can. We want more heads around the table to share their experiences, their knowledge and the workload(!)

We’re looking forward to what the next chapter holds for DLNET – why not come and join us?

Martin, Stuart, Wilson, Alec and Sian – the current DLNET committee


So, what are the current DLNET committee looking for?

We are looking to recruit up to six new committee members who would start work properly from January 2021.

We are looking for people who are:

  • Passionate about supporting good practice of digital learning in the cultural heritage sector
  • Enthusiastic to share their experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly) with fellow colleagues
  • Excited about connecting with colleagues and promoting the work of DLNET
  • Willing to get stuck in to future projects, varying from regularly monthly chats on Twitter to larger scale events (or whatever else the committee collectively plan to do!)
  • Committed to joining a virtual meeting roughly once a month to keep the momentum going

You don’t need to be a “digital expert” or solely focused on digital learning because, as this year has shown, so many more of us are incorporating digital learning skills into our roles. We don’t need you to have years and years of experience.

And what do current committee members love about being part of DLNET?

Sian –  “I’m in a job where I’m the only one thinking day-to-day, everyday about digital learning, which can be lonely at times. Being a DLNET committee members allows me to play an active part in sector-wide discussions and access support from like-minded professionals – which can be as simple as finding out others are struggling with the same things you are!”

Wilson –  “I enjoy being part of a group that is making a positive impact and which has adapted with the times to engage people on digital matters big and small from across the museums and cultural sector.”

Stuart – “I love working with colleagues from around the country and across the sector, and I know that being part of this team has definitely helped me grow and develop in my professional practice.”

Martin –  “When I first started working on digital learning, back in the 1990s (!) it was all very new, and usually called E-Learning.  Over the years the DLNET group has helped me and many others keep in touch with what’s going on.  When considering ‘digital learning’ I like to keep the emphasis on ‘learning’ (an active process), with digital playing a supporting role.   Sometimes the focus on learning can get lost in the mix; through DLNET we can try to redress the balance.” 

Sounds fab, I’d like to apply. What do I need to do?

Great news! Please complete this form,by 5pm on Monday 30th November.  

It asks you to: 

  • write 250 words about why you want to be part of the committee and
  • send us a CV 

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