Horizon Report: Museum Edition 2011

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Martin Bazley
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The Horizon report was officially launched at the Museum Computer Network Conference in Atlanta in November 2011, you can download it here.  It is an international report about leading museum technologies, with the main aim to identify and describe emerging technologies which will have a large impact on museums over the next five years.

The 2011 edition highlights six emerging technologies or practices that are going to have an impact on the sector and breaks them down into three distinct time frames or horizons.

Here are the Technologies to watch and some of the case studies:

Near term Horizon (the next 12 months) Mobile Apps examples:

Near term Horizon (the next 12 months) Tablets examples:

Mid term Horizon (2-3 years): Augmented Reality

Mid term Horizon (2-3 years): Electronic Publishing

Far term Horizon (4-5 years): Digital Preservation

Far term Horizon (4-5 years): Smart Objects.


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