DLNET Conference 2021: Marketing the DASH Survey

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Sara Sartorius is a consultant for The Fifth Sector, she specialises in heritage,  cultural, travel and tourism marketing, with over 20 years’ experience in marketing strategy, planning and delivery. She combines high level analytical, ​communication and organisational skills to create a multi-channel mix of communications that generates high returns on investment.



The DASH Survey


This is a project managed by three key players in the Heritage sector: The National Lottery Heritage Fund, The Heritage Alliance and Timmus Research Limited. 

The main aim of the project is to provide vital insight – for individual organisations, The National Lottery Heritage Fund, and to all organisations involved in shaping and supporting UK heritage. The survey represents the only comprehensive measure of how the sector makes use of digital, enabling heritage leaders to better understand and support staff, trustees, and volunteers. 

The main challenge of the project was to reach people via digital methods to achieve awareness building, alliances with key influencers and utilise digital channels where available. 

The campaign used a full mix and a very small marketing budget. We utilised forums where we could influence, produced target email marketing, social media marketing, telephone marketing and blog publications on relevant websites.  

We held a DASH Day, 7 October, for potential survey respondents and also for those “DASH Champions” to provide support and encouragement. 

Members of Timmus and The Heritage Alliance participated in talks with membership bodies, heritage sector leaders and delivered presentations for numerous and diverse conferences. 

Getting to speak with the key audience proved difficult at times, due to a variety of reasons including hybrid working. 


Take a look at Sara’s slides from the day here.


Watch Sara’s presentation from the day on the DLNET YouTube channel below: 


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