DLNET Chat March 4: Including Minority Histories in your Museum Display

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Lisa Peter

2022 sees us at DLNET HQ kick off a new series for our blog and for the monthly DLNET Twitter chat. Over this year and into the next, we will be talking about a range of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion topics and how they relate to digital learning practice, such as Disability, Decolonialisation, or LGBTQI+. 

In order to bring in the experience and expertise that’s needed for this (and also because we like working in collaboration with other networks and organisations), we’re teaming up with guests to share insights, tips and resources. If there is a topic you would like to know more about, or you know just the right person/organisation/network we should be talking to, drop us a line at info@digitallearningnetwork.net.

Museum Director Liz Woledge holds a Royal Crown Derby Imari plate up to the camera. The first in the series is Elizabeth Woledge from the Royal Crown Derby Museum. During 2021, she worked with Gypsy, Romani and Traveller collectors of Royal Crown Derby porcelain to explore what their treasured collections meant to them. Their collected stories were made into a digital interactive that is now part of their exhibition, telling an important part of the social history of Royal Crown Derby porcelain. 

In preparation for the DLNET Twitter chat on March 4, we asked Liz a few questions about how she went about this and what advice she would give to others looking to do something similar. 

You can find out more about the project, which was generously funded by Arts Council England, on their website. Royal Crown Derby Museum were grateful for the support and generosity of all who participated in the project and supported them, especially Romani storyteller Richard O’Neill, and the team at Rural Media’s Traveller’s Times. 

Liz will join us on March 4 between 1 and 2pm on Twitter to chat more about the project, and to answer any questions you might have. Follow @DLNET on Twitter, or check the hashtag #DLNETchat on the day to participate.

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