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From focus-group to Facebook: evaluating digital learning projects

October 20, 2017 10:00 am
Cardiff Story

Partnership Event from the Digital Learning Network and The Cardiff Story.
at The Cardiff Story, Cardiff

Digital approaches to interpretation, engagement and learning strategies are becoming increasingly common in cultural organisations of all scales and for projects of any budget. From simple strategies involving pre-existing platforms or off-the-peg equipment, to bespoke solutions using cutting-edge technology; Digital has embedded its place in our armoury of techniques to engage and enthral our audiences.

Most colleagues working in cultural fields will already be familiar with the concepts and practices of evaluation; both to aid the development of future projects and to satisfy the requirements of external funding organisations.
 As digital projects and practices become more commonplace, is there a difference in the way we need to evaluate these projects?
 Do digital projects require digital evaluation tools?
 Is Facebook better than a focus group?
 Are Google Analytics and Survey Monkey really all we need?

This one day event will consider how those who are developing or delivering digital projects might consider evaluating those projects. The day aims to look at the range of tools available, and consider their limitations. It is also intended to share any recent work in this area which might have a practical impact upon how such projects might be evaluated.

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