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Stuart Berry

#DLNETChat is your chance to take part in live discussions with others who are interested in digital learning from within the cultural sector, and beyond.

What is the purpose of #DLNETChat?

#DLNETChat is intended to be a ‘live’ discussion. We hope that everyone will feel welcome, regardless of their level of expertise, experience or confidence in the fields of digital technology and learning.

We would like to keep the themes of each #DLNETChat as broad as possible, but wherever possible will try and link it to what is going on elsewhere on DLNET, including our blog or our events.

We hope that #DLNETChat should help give participants a greater confidence in thinking about digital technologies and their role in cultural learning. 

How often will #DLNETChat take place?

#DLNETChat will be held monthly, on the first Friday of the month from 12.00pm until 2.00pm.

This means the next one will take place on Friday 3rd July 2015, at 12.00pm.

How can I take part in #DLNETChat?

Live #DLNETChat will take place via Twitter.  Keep an eye on the #DLNETChat hashtag and the @DLNET Twitter account.

For those who don’t use Twitter or aren’t able to join via Twitter on the day, we will also use the DLNET email list. We will use the list in the run-up to the live Twitter discussion to gather thoughts, opinions, case-studies and questions on the subject matter. During the live chat on Twitter, we will also aim to highlight some of the discussion via the email list too. Following the live discussion, a summary will be emailed around the mailing list, and we will put a blog post on the website.

What will be discussed in #DLNETChat?

#DLNETChat will have broad themes looking at how digital technology is used as a tool or a platform for learning by the cultural sector for its various audiences. The theme of the first #DLNETChat will be looking at how the cultural sector and schools use digital technologies for learning in the classroom.


Don’t forget to join us via Twitter or the DLNET email list to talk about how museums and cultural venues can contribute to digital learning in the classroom on Friday 3rd July at 12.00pm.

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